CER Fersped – Private Railway Undertaker

The company operates as a private Railway Undertaker since 2004, based on the LTF 14 license from 05.11.2018, according to the Safety Certificate, issued by ASFR.

The main customer is EP Rail Group.

The transport services offered cover a large number of connections from the railway network in Romania and are constantly expanding. These services are provided with own locomotive fleet, according to the Safety Certificate, issued by ASFR.

The company has Border Agreements with Railway Undertakers from Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and Serbia.
We have specialized freight wagons suitable for containers, oil, fertilizers, wood, scrap iron, steel profile.

locomotiva cerfersped
locomotiva cerfersped
locomotiva cerfersped


The company was founded in 2006 and is constantly growing. Currently it is ranked among the first 8 Railway Undertakers in Romania. This performance was achieved based on its team with high experience in the field of rail transport.

For time being, the company is in TOP 8, considering the transported volume of freight.

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